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PCB factory china:How to remove patina from circuit boards

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As PCB factory china knows that,If the circuit board is rusted, you can use rust remover. High-efficiency rust remover can remove the rust. High-efficiency rust remover is a combination of oil and rust removal. At the same time, it can also be used to remove rust with circuit board cleaner.

Circuit board cleaning agent refers to the chemical industrial cleaning agent solution used to clean the residual flux and rosin on the surface of the PCB circuit board after soldering. The traditional method of cleaning printed circuit boards is to clean with organic solvents. The mixed organic solvent composed of CFC-113 and a small amount of ethanol (or isopropanol) has a good cleaning ability for the residue of rosin flux, but due to CFC-113- 113 has a damaging effect on the atmospheric ozone layer and was banned in 2013. The optional non-ODS cleaning processes include water-based cleaning, semi-water-based cleaning, solvent cleaning, and a no-cleaning process without cleaning.

Types of circuit board cleaners:

1. Chlorinated solvent circuit board cleaning agent; it is a mixture of chlorinated solvent and other solvents; it dissolves rosin and removes flux quickly, and has no residue, volatile, and no drying after cleaning.

2. Hydrocarbon solvent circuit board cleaning agent; with the widespread use of hydrocarbon cleaning agents, hydrocarbon solvents are also used for cleaning PCB circuit boards; hydrocarbon solvent circuit board cleaning agents have quick-drying and slow-drying types; The quick-drying cleaning effect is generally better. The hydrocarbon solvent circuit board cleaning agent is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, low in odor, and can be distilled and recycled. It is mostly used for the cleaning of high-end precision PCB circuit boards, such as hydrocarbon solvent circuit board cleaning agent. FRB-143.

3. Water-based circuit board cleaning agent; because the water-based cleaning agent has the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, non-toxicity, and no irritating gas volatilization, as early as 2013, water-based circuit board cleaning agents were also launched on the market, but due to the circuit board cleaning agent The board has metal component pins. If the water-based circuit board cleaning agent does not have the anti-rust function, it should be used with caution, because the water-based cleaning agent can easily accelerate the corrosion and rust of the pins.

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