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Benifis of High frequency PCB Materials

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You require high frequency PCB and ceramic-based materials when you want to maintain your circuit board shape throughout its lifespan. The solid feature of these materials prevents boards from forming other shapes.high frequency PCB materials are primarily applied in making computer motherboards.

The most common rigid materials are aluminum, aluminum nitride, and beryllium oxide.

Benefits of Rigid Materials

  • They display an excellent functioning temperature of above 3500C.
  • They are packaged in small sizes and integrate well with PCB components.
  • They have a high dielectric constant.
  • They do not experience outgassing problems.
  • They have the least water absorption rates, facilitating hermetic packaging.

When to Use Hard PCB Materials

  • When you want quick repairs and maintenance – hard materials are integrated with clearly labeled components.
  • When you want to minimize costs in high-volume production runs
  • When your application requires a stable board.
  • When you need a clear signal path.



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