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Circuit board plant expansion in inland rushed upstream CCL factory halt the troops and wait

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Circuit board manufacturers actively with the assembly plant related poured into inland factories, strive for in situ feeding opportunities. At the same time, including Sun & Lynn link circuit and other circuit board manufacturers have expanded plant movements in the past two years, but the CCL upstream (CCL) factory now for going to inland set line manufacturers are only on paper the planning stage.


Shenzhen Shenlian circuit Co., the current monthly production capacity has reached 80000 square meters per month, starting in 2013 in Ganzhou and Shenzhen one phase of the project, the present monthly production capacity has reached 60000 square meters, plans next year to start the two phase of the project, to play its capacity for the upstream CCL will form a strong demand.


CCL factory, photoelectric and iteq electronic past a road in the Chinese mainland market capacity by Southern China further expansion to the east of Kunshan, Wuxi and other places, for the current circuit board manufacturers in the China inland and Western capacity expansion, including photoelectric and iteq electronic director points out, at present in the China West and no real investment actions to be executed.


At present, Lianmao electronic application products in combination with up to 80% weight in PC, NB and server products, at present these products market boom during the first half of the year without signs of improvement, while iteq electronic otherwise in Taiwan Jubei Hsinpu invested 1200000000 yuan to set up the new factory still through the authentication operation, and the new Pu factory in the fourth quarter production benefit of investment.


Photoelectric originally in the industry with its halogen free plate production and marketing to dominate Taiwan CCL factory, and its important niche of the product itself, the proportion accounted for revenues last year 60%; while the photoelectric Taiwan in 2013 in accordance with the trend of the market more actively seek the breakthrough in high TG board market supply server, base platen use last year, revenue accounts for the proportion of 15% gradually, is expected to play a performance results, the second half of 2014 will be to help the investment profit.


Photoelectric CCL production capacity has been expanded to two sides of the Taiwan Straits 2800000 copies per month level by the end of 2013, is expected in 2014 to adjust the product structure to high added value products, 2014 did not again capacity expansion plan.


Executive photoelectric pointed out that, in the current market demand, in the production of flat computer and mobile phone halogen free board and server thick copper demand higher. And photoelectric current capacity allocation, Chinese mainland east capacity 1300000 Zhang, Southern China capacity 1000000 Zhang, Taiwan capacity 500000 Zhang, in 2014 production capacity will maintain a level, and capital spending also maintain based update in basic equipment.

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