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PCB manufacturer China:How to implement this type of testing in practice

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There are basically two ways to perform this process:

Needle-bed test: This type of test is usually called "bed-of-needle test". The method is to place the card on a frame that has many retractable pins that are in contact with the same number of pads on our card. As PCB manufacturer China knows that,the connection is connected to an interface that performs the different continuity, capacitance and insulation measurements required by the program. This process is aimed at large-scale production, in which case putting the product on the market requires rapid production of printed circuits for assembly.

The image below shows two cards mounted on an aluminum frame, and then down into the test needle bed at the bottom of the machine to perform the above process.

Flying probe electrical test: In this process, the card is placed vertically in the frame, and the test probes are moved along the XY direction on both sides of the circuit to accurately place them on the pads whose electrical characteristics are to be tested. Then, the test wires move on the Z axis until they make contact with the pads, as shown in the figure below, allowing the software to perform the required measurements and display the results of determining whether the card is passed or rejected. (fail).

For all networks that make up the printed circuit, repeat the above sequence at the speed allowed by the system to ensure that we only receive electrically reliable cards for later assembly.

Today’s printed circuits require this state-of-the-art technology to perform this process. In this process, high-precision CNC systems are combined to allow the test line to be accurately positioned on the current fine pitch pad of 0.2mm wide. superior.


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