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FPC manufacturer:What Is TG PCB Board?

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With the continuous upgrading of electronic products, the previous ordinary PCB materials can no longer meet the needs of all products. High TG PCB boards are loved by the majority of projects. So what is a circuit board tg board? What are the advantages of using this board? Let me talk about it in detail.

TG is the temperature resistance value. The higher the TG point, the higher the temperature requirements of the board during pressing, and the pressed board will be harder and brittle, which will affect the quality of the mechanical drilling (if any) in the subsequent process and the electrical properties during use to a certain extent. characteristic.

The general TG sheet is above 130 degrees, the high Tg is generally greater than 170 degrees, and the medium TG is about greater than 150 degrees. Usually the PCB board with TG≥170℃ is called high TG PCB Board.


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