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High frequency PCB Tolerances

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Have you ever submitted a Gerber file only to have a laundry list of feedback and red-pen markup sent back to you, creating hours of revisions and delays for the engineering team?

Delays like these not only increase the lead time of your product but increase costs, especially if special ordered materials are required for the adjustments.

Every High frequency PCB manufacturing facility has different PCB tolerances that affect an engineer’s target impedance and stack up.

While not mandatory, it is extremely beneficial for the PCB designer to consult the High frequency PCB manufacturer and PCB assembly shop as early as possible in the design and layout process to get a copy of the PCB tolerance requirements and stack up.

One of the benefits of working with a supplier like San Francisco Circuits is everything is managed under one roof - sales, engineering consultations, fabrication, component sourcing, and assembly.

Our specialty is in providing solutions to the most complex design challenges and ultra-demanding applications - be that high-heat, critical-reliability, or military standards.

Sun&Lynn Circuits supplies these advanced technologies to you, transforming the old way you would order printed circuit boards; with us, there is no more need to manage multiple supplier relationships and account for miscommunication on aspects like component overages or tolerances.


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