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High frequency PCB:The development of touch technology in smart phones will continue to progress.

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    As we all know, mobile phones are rapidly updated. Many small partners may have to consider replacing their new mobile phones within a few months of using them. In order to seize market share, mobile phone marketers are also making various promotions. However, there are so many brands both at home and abroad, and different market positions are dazzling, so how should we choose and buy smart phones? Specifically speaking, it is not the most expensive or the best, and we should choose what suits our own needs. Generally speaking, it is to choose according to the money one can spend, one's own aesthetics, one's taste, and the direction one needs. For example, if a person doesn't want to play games, then an ordinary daily computer is fine, but if he wants to play games, the ordinary 1000 yuan computer can't satisfy.

    For example, if the budget is 1,000 yuan, and if it is very small, and if you like Liu Haibing's full-screen mobile phone and want to enjoy the relatively powerful self-timer function, you can try the Red Pepper 7x, the full-screen design of Liu Haibing is definitely not outdated, and the self-timer function is really powerful, both the visual experience of the mobile phone and the scope of vision, as well as the picture quality can be said to be good, and the price is even better, only around 1000 yuan.

    High frequency PCB think,This red pepper 7X beauty double-camera smartphone can be bought only at a price within 1000 yuan, but the 5.5-inch full-screen bangs are good and cheap, and with its running memory and storage memory as high as 4+64GB, they are still smooth even when used for games. As for other functions, such as beauty double photography, face unlocking, etc., it is definitely a 100 yuan machine, with the most cost-effective one.

    As for if the budget is more, for example, there are more than 2,000, you can choose red pepper R15. First of all, it has high cost performance. Second, it has advanced black technology such as infrared portrait unlocking. Overall, it is even more cool and explosive. Next, I'd like to introduce this red pepper R15.

    First of all, it is a full-screen mobile phone, with a 6.2-inch bangs full-screen and fHD plus resolution on the screen. Generally speaking, the visual experience is perfect, the picture is exquisite and exquisite, and the color is rich and moving. In terms of performance, it uses the p60 multi-core artificial intelligence processor of MediaTek. Although it is said that currently few mobile phones use MediaTek processors, MediaTek is still a better processor vendor in the world, and its operating memory and storage memory are as high as 6+128gb, and the overall running score is as high as 130,000 to 140,000, so it is very smooth.

    For its photography, there are 16 million pixels in front and 16 million plus 500 double lenses in the back, and it also has a large aperture, and it also has functions of fast focusing and panoramic selfie, etc. It can be said that it is not only comparable to professional cameras in terms of professional photography, but also interesting in terms of multi-functions.

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