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Flexible PCB supplier china :Main factors effect your PCB cost

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1. Flexible PCB supplier china tells you PCB size and quantity
It’s easy to understand how size and quantity will affects the cost of PCB,size and quantity will consume more materials.

2. The types of substrate materials used
Some special materials used in some specific working environment would be much more expensive than normal materials and fabricating Printed Circuit Boards depends on several application- based factors, governed mainly by frequency and speed of operation, and the maximum operating temperature.

3. Number of layers
more layers translate into additional costs because of more production steps, more material, and additional production time.

4. PCB complexity
PCB complexity depends on the number of layers and the number of vias on each layer, as this defines the variations of layers where the vias start and stop on, requiring so much more lamination and drilling steps in the PCB manufacturing process. Flexible PCB supplier china define the lamination process as pressing two copper layers and dielectrics in between adjacent copper layers using heat and pressure to form a multi- layer PCB laminate.

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