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PCB supplier china: Huawei Technologies launches HarmonyOS

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As PCB supplier china know that,  Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies Co said on Tuesday that it will officially launch its in-house operating system HarmonyOS for smartphones on June 2, as part of its ongoing efforts to create a robust app ecosystem, despite the restrictions abroad,  PCB supplier china think that it is a big step for China moblie market.

HarmonyOS, or Hongmeng in Chinese, was unveiled more than a year ago and it is undoubtedly the biggest push by Huawei to build its own software ecosystem. The operating system has already been used in tablets, smart TVs, as well as third-party companies' home appliances such as ovens and smoke exhaust ventilators.  Sun&Lynn PCB supplier china think HarmonyOS will help the development of everything connected.

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