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The method that circuit board factory saves manufacture cost

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  PCB in supplier China is the support of circuit components in electronic products. It provides electrical connections between circuit elements and devices, It's a basic part of all kinds of electronic devices, Its performance is directly related to the quality of electronic equipment. With the development of information society, all kinds of electronic products often run together, The interference between them is getting worse and worse, Therefore, EMC problem is the key to the normal work of  electronic system. Similarly, with the development of electricity and technology, PCB density is getting higher and higher, The design of PCB has great influence on the interference and anti-interference ability of the circuit. To maximize the performance of electronic circuits, In addition to the selection of components and circuit design, Good PCB wiring is also a very important factor in EMC.

  Since the PCB is an inherent part of the system, Enhancing EMC in PCB wiring does not impose additional costs on final product completion.
  However, in the design of printed circuit boards, Product designers tend to focus only on increasing density, simple to make, or the pursuit of beauty, Ignoring the effect of circuit layout on EMC, it radiates a lot of signals into the space to create disturbance. A poor PCB wiring can lead to more EMC problems.
  In many cases, even adding filters and components does not solve these problems. Eventually, the entire board had to be rewired. Therefore, it is the most economical way to develop good PCB wiring habits at the beginning.

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