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maintenance of equipment of PCB factory

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  Lubrication is to add specified lubricating oil to the transmission part to keep it in a good lubrication state at all times.  the responsibility of the equipment department is to fill the tank at locations what exept the designated refueling points of each shift operator. Lubrication is an important maintenance work in PCB factory, and poor lubrication is often the main cause of sudden failure. The ball in the linear bearing of the swing mechanism of the grinding machine suddenly jumps out of the track during the work, and the clearance of the reducer of the horizontal running motor of the crane on the electroplating line becomes larger, all of which are caused by the lack of lubrication for a long time.

  Fastening, including two aspects:

A. Fastening of the mechanical connection is to eliminate the loosening of the parts connected by screws and nuts during the working process.

B. Fastening of electrical components at electrical connection parts, that is, fixing them reliably in the control box.

  Connections between electrical components, such as terminals, plugs, etc.In the vibration environment, terminals and plugs are easy to come loose.After the equipment works for a period of time, the above two aspects of loosening will occur, and equipment failures caused by loosening are common. Sometimes the cause can be difficult to pinpoint, such as equipment failures caused by poor contact, known as "soft failures," where symptoms can go up and down without being able to pinpoint the problem. Because it takes a long time to solve this kind of fault, it will have a great impact on the production of PCB board. Therefore, the equipment department must include "fastening" in the important maintenance content, regularly fastening the connection parts mentioned above.The equipment department must ensure that the equipment is in a safe state at all times.

  In a factory in the south of China, a screen printing worker died due to the short-connection of the screen safety switch. There are also some severe equipment failures what is immersion copper line burned down due to maintenance workers of PCB factory heating tank of the liquid level switch short connection .Therefore, it is not too much to say that every move of the staff in the equipment department is related to the life safety of the production line staff and the "life safety" of the equipment.

  The equipment department must write the safety protection device of the equipment as an important maintenance item on the Maintenance Record, and really implement the regular maintenance of these devices (including regular testing).

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