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Achieving Goals! Sun & Lynn Metal Core PCB Factory Leaders Prized GZ Team!

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GZ team achieved their goals last season, and the Leaders of Sun & Lynn Metal Core PCB Factory prized the team yesterday! Congratulations to them!

“Taiyang” Team and “Huo Yan Jingjing” Team got the prize. It is not an easy task for the team. Since the mobilization meeting, all the team tried their best to deal with all kinds of problems and difficulties. They never give up and believe they can success. Luckily, they make it in the end. But in fact, it reflects the powerful of execution of Sun & Lynn team.

Mr. Liang, the Marketing Director awarded 50000 yuan to the “Huo Yan Jingjing” Team

Mr. xu, GZ Chief Operating Officer awarded 30000 yuan to “Taiyang” Team.

As we all know, it is a tough year for manufacturers in China. In this situation, Tony Zhou still guides his FPC team achieving their goals successfully. They deserved the prize.

Of course, we should give our sincerely thanks for our customers, without your trust and support, Sun & Lynn would not be today’s Sun & Lynn.

In the future, Sun & Lynn will do her best to serve our customers and make more contributions to the society.

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