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PCB supplier china:Where can Internet of Things Analysis Expand

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    The Internet of Things system filters, preprocesses and aggregates data piles at the edge of the network. This data is usually transmitted to higher-level fog or cloud platforms to perform further analysis and make decisions based on the information at hand. These decisions are then conveyed back to the edge and put into action in the physical world.

    However, this data analysis architecture is full of challenges. There are network and storage costs, latency issues and security issues at every layer of such systems. All of these infrastructures must also be managed, which can be complex and expensive and undermine the company's core business objectives:

    Developers must ensure that there are no interruptions due to limited or intermittent connections.

    Delay and throughput delay will not affect the accuracy of data aggregation and analysis or corresponding control functions.

    End-to-end systems must ensure anonymity of sensitive and private information.

    For growing organizations, these barriers require more and more data analysis to be transferred to edge devices. However, PCB supplier china think,doing so will lead to tradeoffs among device designers, who must combine the size, power consumption, heat dissipation and cost ranges of embedded systems with the computational, storage and network requirements of advanced data analysis.

    In other words, unless the data center is brought to the edge of the Internet of Things. Longruizhike BHIOT-873 edge computing gateway is suitable for industrial automation, machine vision, medical treatment, logistics storage and electronic education. Intel Celeron J1900 Quad-Core Processor; 4GB of memory and 64GB of solid state disk; GbE、COM (RS-232/422/485); VGA/HDMI、USB 3.0 ; MPCIe interface supporting 3G/4G LTE.

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