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PCB manufacturer China tells you the root cause of solderability issue

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Solderability issue is one of the major quality issues for electronic assembling and brings big impact to quality and cost of your products. If you have solderability issue with your PCB board supplier you will need to work with them to find out the root cause at first. Now let’s see how PCB manufacturer China Sun&Lynn Circuits analysis the root cause of this quality defect.



There are 3 major root causes of solderability issue:

1.The solderability of plated through hole will affect PCB solderability. The solderability defect is the reflection of immersion of soldering material on the copper surface of your PCB board, in another word, it’s a uniformed coating layer on the copper surface. 

1).The physical contents of the soldering material and the physical property of being soldered surface. The soldering material is the media between the PCB board and component. The physical content of soldering material affects the solderability performance directly.

2).PCB manufacturer China Sun&Lynn Circuits reveals the cleanliness of PCB board surface is another factor you need consider. The soldering temperature is high and this accelerates the spreading of soldering material on PCB board. This may melt the PCB board coating and get it oxidized if the PCB board surface coating is properly and uniformed.


2, The warpage of PCB board may generate soldering defect. The warpage of PCB board impacts the quality and generates unsolid soldering, short circuit. The warpage is primarily caused by the ununiformed heating at each side of PCB board. The warpage is critical for soldering and a 0.1mm warpage will cause unsolid soldering and open circuit.


3, The PCB board layout design also affect quality of soldering. PCB manufacturer China Sun&Lynn Circuits suggest you to consider the following when you design the circuit layout as your design optimization:

1).to reduce the connection of high frequency components to reduce the EMI interface;

2).to apply the supporting fixture when the weight of component is more than 20 gram before soldering on to PCB board;

3).to consider the heat releasing issue and get those thermal sensitive components positioned away from the heat;

4).to apply parallel design for components;

5).to design your PCB board as dimensional 4:3 matrix and avoid big change of line width and do not use large copper area if possible.


Do these suggestions from PCB manufacturer China helps you in any ways?

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