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Winter Solstice Festival | Sun&Lynn invite you to eat dumplings ~

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Another year of cold winter

When the cathode arrives, Yang begins to emerge,

When the sun is south, when the sun is short, when the shadow is long,

Hence the term "Winter solstice"

North eat dumplings, south eat dumplings
These two winter solstice treats
Which is your "favorite"?



Sun&Lynn canteen has been arranged for everyone early

It doesn't matter if you're from the south or the north

Can meet your requirements


Early in the winter solstice

A steaming bowl of dumplings,

Or a bowl of fragrant dumplings,

Dense fireworks will not live up to every enthusiasm
Give the ritual sense of reunion with warmth in the winter season


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You can refill it for free when you're done

You can't leave until you have enough to eat



The days are short, happiness is long

In the mortal fireworks

Nothing to live up to but love and food

A year a winter solstice, a year a health

PCB supplier China

May all the things you didn't achieve this year,
In the spring of the next year, the wish will be fulfilled!


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