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How to Handle and Store Immersion Silver High frequency PCB

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Immersion silver PCBs are very sensitive when it comes to storage and handling. It is important you adhere to the precautions below when handling immersion silver boards;

Ensure you put in gloves when handling these PCBs. Fingerprints can tarnish the High frequency PCB surface and this can cause some solderability issues.

Keep the PCBs in dry conditions for a period between 6 – 12 months.

Ensure you carry out a solderability test if the PCB has been stored for long. This helps to verify the solder before assembling the components.

Also, avoid using acid cleaners on immersion silver PCBs.  You should rather use water washes that have a PH greater than 6.0. Use packaging materials that are sulphur-free. These are ideal for storing immersion silver PCBs. Also, they tarnish from occurring.

You need to reduce the air that passes through it once you open the package. Make sure you are baking the PCB at the right temperature and time. Baking helps to reduce stress or discharge moisture.


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