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Flexible PCB manufacturer:The Classification of PCB Substrate Material

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As Flexible PCB manufacturer knows that,Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) is most commonly used as PCB substrate material. CCL is usually composed by copper foil, resin and base material and also covers a couple of categories.

• Rigid CCL

a. Paper-Based Phenolic CCL

Paper-based phenolic CCL has the longest history, containing classes of FR2, FR1, XXXPC, XX, XXP, X, XP, XPC etc. It features such low cost that it is massively applied in consumer electronics like audio or video and single-side PCBs account for the most.

b. Paper-Based Epoxy CCL

Paper-based epoxy CCL is massively applied in TV, PC, printer, calculator, telecommunication and power substrate. Besides, it is also used in through-hole PCB used for consumer electronics.

c. Paper-Based Polymer CCL

Paper-based polymer CCL is anti-CAF and features high-quality tone, so it is mainly applied in color TVs or stereo. It is created in Japan but is stopped from being manufactured later.

d. Fiberglass Epoxy CCL

Due to its reliability, fiberglass epoxy CCL is most massively applied in CPU, OA equipment, telecommunication and medical care products. Moreover, owing to its electric insulativity, heat resistance, dimensional stability, wet resistance and chemical resistance, fiberglass epoxy CCL is largely used in double-sided PCBs containing through holes. With the tendency of high density of PCBs, fiberglass epoxy CCL is also used as material in multiple-layer PCBs as core material and prepreg etc.

e. Composite CCL

The resin in composite CCL mainly comes in epoxy resin and polyester resin. Composite CCL primarily works on single-sided PCBs and through-hole PCBs. CEM-3 composite CCL is commonly used in some certain industries due to its reliability, heat resistance, moisture resistance, and dimensional stability. Moreover, composite CCL works more suitably for SMT assembly on thin PCB boards.

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