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What Affect PCB Metal core assembly Cost

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Metal core PCB Manufacturing Cost

The price of most boards is largely determined by the number of layers, size, material, complexity and delivery.

Layers——Usually the same area, the more PCB layers, the more expensive the price.

Size———For a given number of layers, the smaller the  Metal core PCB size, the lower the price.

Material——The processing of different materials varies greatly. Premium plates (M4, M6, etc.) cost more than ordinary FR4.

Complexity——The more blind via, buried via and buried blind via designs, the higher the cost.

The smaller the line width and line distance of the board, the higher the requirement of the manufacturing process capacity of the factory, and the higher the production cost.

Delivery——No matter which metal core PCB manufacturer produces the circuit board, there is a normal lead time. The shorter the delivery time, the higher the price. Sometimes expedited charges are even more expensive than circuit boards.

For general PCB Assembly, no matter in the prototype or mass production stage, Metal Core PCB cost accounts for a small proportion of  PCB Assembly cost.

The prices of  PCBs are also getting cheaper, especially in Asia, where logistics costs are sometimes the main factor affecting  PCB prices. And often in the proofing stage, metal core PCB logistics cost has become the biggest impact on the total cost of PCB.

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