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PCB Manufacturer China helped us to turn our new design into great products

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In the world of electronic manufacturing, the competition is getting fierce. As one of the leading R&D academy of the country, we require reliable PCB manufacture in China to support our new project development at lower cost. This is not easy at all to qualify a good PCB supplier to work with. Since the year of 2014, we have been working with S&L Circuits for many of our new projects because of not only their good quality consistency, but also their cost effective manufacturing service.


We have various groups to develop the brand new design with many cutting-edge technology to create new living fashion. This requires our PCB manufacturer China company provides quick-turn prototyping service. We require innovative PCB design to turn our idea into real prototype at affordable price to make it commercialized. Most of the students are not really professional at PCB design and this brings challenges to the PCB manufacturer in China. Since our cooperation with S&L Circuits, they have been providing many PCB design service to our students to develop their new designs.


We trust S&L Circuits only for their quality, but also for their competitive price. S&L Circuits supports us in hopes of turning our idea into reality and bringing more time-to-market products to consumers. We are so happy to work with them to benefit our students in the ways of making their innovation to commercial commodity and bringing the sense of success to our students. In fact, fewer PCB manufacturers are willing to support academic demand and that's why we are so happy to have S&L Circuits to work with us for years.


We have agreed a long-term strategy with S&L Circuits to set up a PCB R&D lab in our campus in next few years. This allows S&L engineering team to work with our students to develop the new PCB technology to meet new requirement from the emerging markets. We believe this makes us more successful.


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