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FPC manufacturer tech you how to recognize the best FPC product

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FPC, so called flexible Printed Circuits, a flexible printed circuit board features a combination of several printed circuits as well as components that are positioned on a flexible substrate. With features of small volume, light, can be bendable, which make it difficult to produce and the cost is high. However, Do you know how to figure out if the FPC is good or bad?

 Sun&Lynn FPC manufacturer   found two measures that hope to help you,

Firstly,  Appearance.

  1. The standard of FPC size and thickness

You could check the FPC ‘s standard if compliance with your drawings

      2. shining and Color

If you know FPC manufacturer, you will know FPC are covered by ink. If the board is not smooth, lack of ink, apparently, the FPC has defectives.

Above suggestions are tested by Sun&Lynn FPC manufacturer, if you would like to check your FPC products whether good or not? You could have a try.

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