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PCB supplier china:What are the standards for SMT and DIP assembly of components

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What is the standard of PCBA factory in the production of component device SMT and DIP assembly? The following PCB manufacturer China will take you to understand the relevant precautions:

1. Before SMT and DIP assembly in the PCBA factory, each operator should do a good job of 5S at their own station and surrounding areas. Operation instructions, etc.; the operator should collect and hand it over to the relevant material clerk, extension or production person on duty. Good separation.

2. When the smt processing patch is pulled, the operators of each station should conduct self-inspection on the operation instructions and material conditions of the station. The specific work is:

1) Whether the homework instruction book has been reviewed and officially issued by the scriptures, and whether it is ambiguous.

2) Whether the material name/specification on the work instruction book is consistent with the actual product, whether the point mark on the work instruction book is consistent with the point to be installed (inserted), and whether the molding of the smt patch DIP material meets the point requirements and process standards. If there is any abnormality, it should be reported in time, and the person in charge of production should properly handle it together with the quality department, material department and engineering department.

3) All kinds of materials and work instructions should be neatly placed and clearly marked in the designated positions. There should be good isolation measures between all kinds of materials. DIP materials should only be confirmed by IPQC or elongated and the first piece is inserted (pasted). After the first piece is installed and confirmed by IPQC, the operator can carry out batch insertion (sticker) production.

4) When adding materials, the added materials must be checked by more than two people (usually the operator himself and the material staff) before production can be carried out.

5) If the operator finds an abnormality in the smt surface mount production process [such as the point where he wants to insert (stick) is occupied by other materials, abnormal pcba and flip board, wipe board, etc., he should immediately report to the shift leader or production responsible The person, lengthening or production person in charge should designate a special person to handle and check the processing results, and then send it to IPQC for key confirmation.

6) Horizontal components are generally required to be mounted on the board and arranged neatly, their width is consistent with the span of the welding holes, and the error is ≤±0.5mm; the component body of vertical components should generally be perpendicular to the PCB and the top of the board, resistors, diodes, etc. The height of the bending part is generally about 1.5-2mm, the bending part should be neat and continuous and smooth; if there are directional components, special attention should be paid to whether the direction is correct; to prevent the occurrence of flying feet and bending feet.

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