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PCBfactoryChina:Huawei leads China's foldable smartphone market in H108-23 02:58
PCBfactoryChina learned that,Aug 22 -- China's smartphone brand Huawei led the country's foldable smartphone market in the first half of this year, according to a report released by research and consulting company CINNO Research on August 21.
The Best PCB supplier China08-22 02:40
With a purposeful focus on enhancing their products’ quality rather than merely the quantity, the electronic suppliers in China has made a substantial contribution towards our global economy over the past few years.
PCB manufacturer China:The Process of Manufacturing PCB Blind-via(盲孔)08-21 02:15
PCBmanufacturerChina talked:the Process of Manufacturing PCB Blind-via(盲孔)
Automotive PCB manufacturer:Chinese PCB suppliers are moving production to Thailand08-19 05:37
Automotive PCB manufacturer learned that,Chinese PCB suppliers are moving production to Thailand, asked by clients to avoid being affected by geopolitical changes.
Multi-layer PCB manufacturer:Alibaba revenue beats expectations for the April-June period08-18 01:56
Multi-layer PCB manufacturer learned that,Aug 11 -- Chinese tech heavyweight Alibaba Group delivered better-than-expected financial results for the April-June period on August 10, with total revenue standing at RMB234.16 billion ($32.3 billion), up 14 percent year-on-year, China Daily reported on August 10.
Flex rigid PCBs VS Rigid flex PCBs: How Are They Different?08-17 02:24
Today’s printed circuit boards come in three different forms: flexible, RigidflexPCB, and rigid. How are they different?
What Are The Advantages Of Rigid Flex PCB?08-16 02:36
Sun&Lynn(深联电路) is providing a complete range of PCB services for more than 21 years.
What is Health care PCB routing?08-15 04:57
In any electronic system, Health care PCB routing is an essential parameter to guarantee easier communication.
What Should You Know about Metal Core PCB?08-14 11:33
MetalCorePCB or commonly known as MCPCB is a class of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) that contains metal as a base material in comparison to the conventional FR4, and commonly used metals are copper, aluminum, and steel alloy.
Features of High frequency PCB08-12 03:11
Features of HighfrequencyPCB
FPC supplier:Types of FPC08-11 05:07
FPCsupplier talked FPC types, how much do you know?
FPC manufacturer:Apple's iPhone 15 series is expected to be released on September 12-1308-10 11:23
FPCmanufacturer learned that,the Apple iPhone 15 series should be announced in just a few weeks, with a release date soon after, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.
Flexible PCB supplier china :FPC manufacturing process08-09 03:26
Flexible PCB supplier china learned that,almost all the FPC manufacturing processes so far have been processed by the subtractive method (etching method)
Flexible PCB manufacturer: the types of Flexible PCB08-08 10:53
FlexiblePCBmanufacturer tells you the types of Flexible PCB
PCB factory China:Types of PCB08-07 11:35
PCB factory china talked there are several types of PCB available for the circuit. Out of these types of PCB, we have to choose the appropriate type of PCB according to our application.
PCB manufacturer China:PCB Drilling08-04 06:09
PCBmanufacturerChina learned that,considered the most critical step in the PCB manufacturing process, drilling establishes the foundation for vias and the connectivity between different PCB layers.
Why Choose RigidflexPCB?07-31 04:16
RigidflexPCBs are not cheap, why use rigid-flex boards? In pcb design, the cost is often not the key factor.
Health care PCB Application07-29 11:34
HealthcarePCB learned that,PCB are an important component of many medical devices and play a vital role in the healthcare industry such as medical imaging equipment, diagnostic equipment, and patient monitoring systems.
MetalcorePCB advantages07-28 11:43
MetalcorePCB manufacturer learned that,Metal Core PCBs or MCPCBs are the types of PCBs that contain a base metal material as opposed to the traditional FR4.
HighFrequencyPCB07-27 02:47
FPCsupplier thank you for reading!
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