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Multi-layer PCB Manufacturing and the Effect of Vias on Overall Performance11-21 02:44
A multilayer PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a PCB board with four or more conductive layers stacked on top of each other between insulating layers.
PCB supplier China:How much do blind vias cost?11-20 02:21
PCBsupplierChina learned these are connective, plated-through holes between PCBs’ layers.
PCB manufacturer China:What is PCB?11-18 10:23
PCBmanufacturerChina talk PCB is a copper laminated and non-conductive Printed Circuit Board
Flex rigid PCB manufacturer:Causes of PCB warping11-17 05:15
FlexrigidPCB manufacturer learned PCB warping is a problem that can have expensive consequences if not addressed early on.
Rigid flex PCB: Advantages and Applications11-16 11:02
Rigid-flex PCBs cross the boundaries of traditional rigid PCBs and the unique properties of flex circuits that use high-ductility electrodeposited or rolled annealed copper conductors photo-etched onto a flexible insulating film.
Flexible PCB manufacturer: How to Fabricate FPC?11-14 02:53
FlexiblePCBmanufacturer talk flexible PCB, abbreviated for FPC, is a polyimide (PI) or polyester (PET) based printed circuit board that can bend and fold.
Flexible PCB supplier China :What is a Flexible PCB?11-13 10:41
Flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs), also known as flex circuits, provide unique capabilities beyond conventional rigid PCB technologies.
PCB manufacturer China:What Are the Different Types of PCBs?11-11 11:12
PCBmanufacturerChina talk some of the most common types below!
Top 5 Advantages of Metal Core PCBs11-10 10:47
Top 5 Advantages of MetalcorePCBs
What is High frequency PCB? Everything you need to know11-09 11:34
Today, electronic devices are being developed with high frequency. Satellite devices and most information products move towards high frequency and high speed.
Flexible PCB supplier China :What are the constituent materials of FPC?11-08 03:10
Flexible PCB supplier China talk FPC is one of the popular circuit board types to meet the needs of flexible electronic circuits. Designed to replace traditional wire harnesses, FPC can meet a variety of complex electronic designs.
FPC manufacturer:Application advantages and development prospects of FPC11-07 02:30
FPCmanufacturer talked with the upgrading of electronic products, FPC caters to the development trend of light, thin, short and small electronic products by virtue of its unique advantages
High frequency PCB manufacturer: Xiaomi launches operating system HyperOS, Automotive, etc10-31 03:54
China’s smartphone maker Xiaomi launches operating system HyperOS to connect personal devices, cars, smart home appliances
FPC supplier: the Manufacturing Process of FPC10-30 02:06
In this post, we’ll introduce to you what FPC is and its manufacturing process.
PCB manufacturer China:PCB Introduction & PCB Types10-28 11:51
PCBmanufacturerChina:talk Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the boards that are used as the base in most electronics – both as a physical support piece and as the wiring area for the surface-mounted and socketed components.
The Basics of Metal core PCB10-27 04:42
MetalcorePCBs are not very common in consumer products, but they abound in industry, aerospace, lighting systems, power electronics, and other areas that require high reliability.
Sun&Lynn High frequency PCB supplier invites you to punch the Japan Automotive Electronics Show!10-26 09:15
Sun&Lynn PCB supplier China will continue in Hall 1 B15-37 Look forward to your coming to punch in!
Flexible PCB supplier China :What are the four common types of FPC?10-25 02:09
Flexible PCB supplier China talk Flexible printed circuit (FPC) is a kind of high reliability and excellent flexible printed circuit board made of polyimide or polyester film.
Flexible PCB manufacturer: FPC Introduction, Types, Materials and Its Applications10-24 12:03
FlexiblePCBmanufacturer talk Flexible PCB is also known as the flexible printed circuit board, flexible printed circuit, or flexible circuit board.
Automotive PCB:New PCB Trends in Automotive10-23 11:31
As automotive electronics complexity grows exponentially, innovations in PCB materials, high density integration, quality/reliability validation and panel scale manufacturing will be critical to realize future mobility visions.
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