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Health care PCB: What is a Printed Circuit Board01-13 06:06
As Health Care PCB factory knows that, A Printed Circuit Board or PCB is a board that is used to connect electrical components.
Metal core PCB deffects found through inspection01-12 06:31
Metal core PCB manufacturing is just as much an art as a science, and while the stakes for PCB manufacturing are higher than ever, plenty of defects and errors can emerge in the process.
Why is it difficult to tin the High frequency PCB01-11 07:54
Why are some High frequency PCB pads not easy to be tinned? Here, FASTPCBA PCB and PCBA Manufacturer will analyze the possible reasons for you.
FPC supplier:The process of AOI inspection in FPC assembly.01-10 07:56
FPC supplier tells you the process of AOI inspection in FPC assembly.
PCB fabrication and PCB assembly are two distinct parts of the FPC manufacturer’s process.
Flexible PCB supplier china :Fabricating and Manufacturing PCB Board Design & Layout01-07 04:24
Flexible PCB supplier china’s PCB board design and layout is a complex process that relies on extensive expertise and complex software to create high-functioning designs.
What to look for in quick turn PCB manufacturing for Flexible PCB manufacturer01-06 07:28
When you’re in the market for quick turn PCB manufacturing for Flexible PCB manufacturer, timing is critical.
PCB factory china:Impedance problem handling01-05 06:56
PCB factory china tells you the Impedance problem handling
PCB supplier china tells you the Requirements for HDI PCB manufacturing01-04 11:27
PCB supplier china Special manufacturing techniques are required to fabricate and manufacture HDI PCBs.
PCB manufacturer China tells What are the inspections for PCB boards before shipment01-03 04:23
In addition to the complicated process of producing PCB, there are many inspections to be done before shipment. What are the specific inspections?
Pre-Production Multi-layer PCB12-31 03:19
Pre-production or beta run Multi-layer PCBs are typically manufactured in batches from a hundred to a few thousand.
Type of via for Flex rigid PCB12-30 03:18
Flex rigid PCB factory tells you via are generally divided into three types: via, blind holes and buried holes.
Tin-lead hot air leveling for Rigid flex PCB12-29 03:48
Application occasions: The current application is limited to products exempted from the RoHS directive and military products.
What is Considered a quick trun in Health Care manufacturing12-28 06:41
Quick turn health care PCBs vary dramatically depending on their complexity, delivery requirements, and volume. Prototypes can generally be delivered extremely quickly, but as variables scale in scope, delivery times.
What is Metal core PCB inspection12-27 11:53
In short, Metal Core PCB inspection is the act of mitigating errors or mistakes that may have emerged during the fabrication and assembly processes. This is done through a series of procedures that have largely become automated.
FPC board design and layout is a complex process that relies on extensive expertise and complex software to create high-functioning designs.
FPC supplier tells you FPC Copper Thickness12-24 07:41
Copper plays a vital role in the overall thickness of a printed circuit board. It also dictates a FPC’s functionality. In fact, FPC copper thickness plays an essential role in achieving standard FPC thickness.
What are the important parameters of high frequency PCB12-23 05:04
The dielectric constant of the high frequency PCB substrate must be small and stable. Generally speaking, the smaller the better. T
Flexible PCB manufacturer tells What is the role of each layer in the pcb board12-21 11:17
Flexible PCB manufacturer tells What is the role of each layer in the pcb board
PCB factory china tells you Basic standards for electrical testing process12-20 06:38
Any pad found on the PCB by the solder mask must belong to the test pad of a certain component or circuit. In both cases, it is necessary to check their electrical conductivity and electrical isolation from other pads and the traces connecting them.
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