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Factors affecting high frequency PCB12-26 02:11
Many high frequency plate procurement cycles are very long, even 2-3 months. In addition to conventional high frequency plate RO4350 have stock, many high-frequency plates need to be provided by customers.
FPC manufacturer:What Does UPS PCB Mean?12-23 04:14
As FPC manufacturer knows that, the UPS PCB refers to a specific circuit board, circuit board, which helps to offer some assistance to providing emergency power for devices whenever there is a power outage.
Flexible PCB supplier china: the types of Flexible PCB12-22 04:50
Flexible PCB supplier china tells you the types of Flexible PCB:
PCB manufacturer:What are the Types of PCBA Conformal Coating12-21 04:00
As PCB manufacturer knows that, PCBA conformal coating is a kind of protective coating, which will form a transparent protective film after curing to protect PCBA from environmental erosion.
PCB factory china:Whar you need to know about yellow PCB?12-20 02:30
As PCB factory china knows that, when selecting a solder oil or coating method, the color must match the PCB. It’s crafted from shellac dyed in ways thought to protect bare copper threads.
PCB supplier china:What is Trace Width?12-19 11:40
Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is trace width and why is specifying a particular trace width so important? The point of a PCB trace is to connect any kind of electrical signal, whether it be analog, digital, or power, from one junction to another.
PCB manufacturer China:What is a mini PCB?12-17 10:57
As technology keeps advancing, gadgets are becoming smaller. Also, as these gadgets become smaller, they will need some mini circuit boards before they function.
Types of Automotive PCBs12-16 02:55
Printed circuit boards has many applications in countless sectors ranging from healthcare to electronics, but their impart is perhaps the most evident in the automotive industry. So what are these special types of PCBs made up of? Let's have a look.
Structure of Multilayer PCB Boards12-15 02:32
Structure of Multilayer PCB Boards
5 Essential Health care PCB Design Best Practices for Cost Savings12-13 03:08
To assist you with your next health care PCB design, we would like to share with you a recent report, the “5 Essential PCB Design Best Practices for Cost Savings.
Technology and Production Process for Rigid flex PCB12-12 03:06
Whether producing a rigid flex prototype or production quantities requiring large-scale Rigid-Flex PCBs fabrication and PCB assembly, the technology is well proven and reliable. The flex PCB portion is particularly good in overcoming space and weight issues with spatial degrees of freedom.
Why we need to choose Metal Core PCBs?12-10 02:28
Accumulation of too much heat in printed circuit boards lead to malfunctions in the devices.
Why we need to use High-Frequency PCB?12-09 11:18
When it comes to transmitting a signal at a higher frequency, there are many chances of losses, delays, and distortion in the signal.
FPC supplier tells you What is Punching FPC board holes12-08 02:21
As FPC supplier knows that, punching small apertures is not a new technology, and has been used as mass production.
FPC manufacturer tells you what is FPC board drilling through holes12-07 02:16
As the FPC manufacturer knows that, the through-holes of flexible printed boards can also be drilled by numerical control like rigid printed boards, but they are not suitable for a hole processing of double-sided metalized a hole circuits in tapes.
Flexible PCB supplier china :Why More and More Customers Choose FPCA One-Stop Service12-06 02:39
Flexible PCB manufacturer tells you what is Multi-layer Flexible PCBs12-05 11:53
This has to do with combining several double and single sided fpc flexible printed circuit.
PCB factory china:What Are The Advantages Of Multilayer PCBs12-03 02:27
As PCB factory china knows that, from a technical point of view, multilayer PCBs have many advantages in design.
PCB supplier china:How are Layers Connected in Multilayer PCB12-02 02:30
As PCB supplier china knows that, the stack-up of the layers is clear, but the question that comes to mind is about the connection of these layers.
PCB manufacturer China:What is PCB Backplane Testing12-01 11:52
As PCB manufacturer knows that, a backplane is an electronic system which contains slots and sockets to interconnect various PCB assemblies or devices in parallel to each other.
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