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Factors affecting high frequency PCB

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Many high frequency PCB procurement cycles are very long, even 2-3 months. In addition to conventional high frequency plate RO4350 have stock, many high-frequency plates need to be provided by customers. Therefore, high frequency plates need to communicate well in advance with the manufacturer to prepare materials as early as possible. Look at the price sensitivity of the product, whether it is a consumer product, or communication, medical, industrial, military applications.RF stands for radio frequency and is a form of energy that changes the time-dependent electromagnetic field. So another important factor is impedance matching. If the impedance is not matched, the signal will be distorted.

The distortion rate is proportional to the change in impedance. When the signal enters the transmission line, the output signal matches the input signal if the impedance matches. So RF circuit and RS-485 communication protocol are some of the critical factors of high frequency pcb.

Each of these factors, high-speed digital circuit operation speed, is the main factor in the selection of PCB considerations. The higher the rate of the circuit, the smaller the selected PCB Df value should be. With a medium, low-loss board material will be suitable for 10Gb / S digital circuits. With a lower loss board for 25Gb / s digital circuits, the board will adapt to faster high-speed digital circuits with ultra-low loss, the rate can be 50Gb / s or higher.

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