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PCB supplier china:What is Trace Width?

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Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is trace width and why is specifying a particular trace width so important? The point of a PCB trace is to connect any kind of electrical signal, whether it be analog, digital, or power, from one junction to another.

As PCB supplier china knows that, the junction can be the pin of a component, a branch off of a larger trace or plane, or an empty pad or test-point intended for probing. Trace widths are often measured in mils, or thousands of an inch. A standard trace width for an ordinary signal (no special requirements) may be in the 7-12 mil range and be as long as a few inches, but there are many things that should be considered when defining the width and length of a trace.

The application will often drive the trace widths and types in a PCB design and at a certain point, there is usually a balance with regards to PCB fabrication cost, board density/size, and performance. If a board has specific design requirements such as speed optimization, noise or coupling mitigation, or high current/voltage, the trace widths and types might be more important than optimizing for manufacturing cost of the bare PCB or overall board size.

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