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What are the Metal core PCB cooling techniques11-10 04:39
Metal core PCB cooling is broadly classified into two types – Passive and Active.
High frequency PCB Tolerances11-09 03:11
Have you ever submitted a Gerber file only to have a laundry list of feedback and red-pen markup sent back to you, creating hours of revisions and delays for the engineering team?
FPC supplier explains What are Silkscreens11-08 07:02
Silkscreen (also known as legend or nomenclature) defines the text-based, human-readable information that one finds printed onto the surface of a circuit board.
Flexible PCB supplier china :The characteristics of Flexible pcb circuit board11-05 08:28
Flexible PCB supplier china tells you the characteristics of Flexible pcb circuit board
Flexible PCB manufacturer advise you Why You Should Choose Flex PCBs11-04 03:08
Flexible PCBs present several mechanical benefits over standard ribbon wires in various use cases, and in some instances, they display better chemistry.
PCB factory china:The Difference Between Standard and HDI PCBs11-03 02:55
As PCB factory china knows that, standards printed circuit boards use through-holes to achieve high stray capacitance and a colossal discontinuity in impedance.
PCB supplier china:What are the components of solder paste for PCB smt assembly11-02 06:32
As PCB supplier china knows that, Solder paste is used for soldering. One is the shielding gas to avoid air oxidation. In addition, it enhances capillary action, improves lubricity, and avoids empty soldering.
PCB manufacturer China:What is a Standard PCB11-01 02:50
As PCB manufacturer China know that,Aluminum is the most common material used for metal printed circuit boards. Standard PCBs are not made of metals;
Metal core PCB Base Performance10-30 12:14
High thermal dissipation and conductivity: Compared to standard FR4 boards, Metal core PCB display better heat dissipation performance.
The Benefits of High-Frequency PCBs10-29 06:17
High efficiency: High-frequency PCBs with small dielectric constant have minor losses, and the advanced induction heating technique can meet the target heating requirements. Apart from boosting a high efficiency, these boards are eco-friendly.
FPC supplier:What is the Purpose of a Solder Mask10-28 04:20
A solder mask acts as your FPC’s primary protector against corrosion and oxidation. It affects the FPC quality by preventing performance degradation and the shortening of an electronic’s operational lifespan.
FPC manufacturer How To Specify PCB Thickness10-27 04:29
If you need a PCB, you should be able to specify your PCB thickness after considering these factors:
Flexible PCB supplier china advise you PCB Trace Thickness10-26 04:37
PCB trace thickness is an essential parameter in PCB designs, and it is often determined by the Flexible PCB supplier china.
Flexible PCB manufacturer:Standard PCB Thickness10-25 06:06
Most Flexible PCB manufacturers recommend 1.57mm (0.062 inches) as the standard PCB thickness size. This is the thickness that was used for manufactured bakelite sheets in the early days of PCB fabrication.
What Has Led to the High Advancement in Automotive PCBs10-23 07:02
Over time, As Automotive PCB factory know that circuit boards have evolved as a tool for optimizing the production of electronic devices.
PCB factory china advises PCB multilayer board pressing technology10-20 03:58
PCB lamination is a very important process for the production of circuit boards for PCB factory china. Many small and medium-sized enterprises can only make simple single-layer and double-layer boards. Once it involves multi-layer complex boards, they can't do it.
PCB supplier china:Why does the PCB board snake-shaped routing10-19 03:38
As PCB supplier china know that,the equal line length of the high-speed digital PCB board is to keep the delay difference of each signal within a range to ensure the validity of the data read by the system in the same cycle (when the delay difference exceeds one clock cycle, the next cycle will be read incorrectly. Data),
PCB manufacturer China: What is Aluminum-Backed PCB10-18 02:31
As PCB manufacturer China knows that,Aluminum-backed circuits are designed uniquely like copper-based PCBs. But instead of the standard fiberglass applied in most circuits, aluminum-backed PCBs contain aluminum metal as their substrate material.
What is Rigid-Flex PCB10-16 03:13
Rigid-flex PCB integrates rigid and flexible materials. They include several layers of flexible boards stacked on rigid board layers.
Design Specifications for Health care PCB Gold Fingers10-15 04:39
Like other electronic components, circuit board gold fingers also have their specific designs and specifications. This section will address the design specifications for circuit board gold fingers.
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