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PCB factory china:The Difference Between Standard and HDI PCBs

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As PCB factory china knows that, standards printed circuit boards use through-holes to achieve high stray capacitance and a colossal discontinuity in impedance. In a layman’s language, they boost an average signal integrity performance. On the other hand, HDI boards use buried and blind vias to reduce the stray inductance and capacitances. The outcome is a strong signal integrity performance. 

Other significant differences between standard and HDI boards include:

A standard PCB has a lower component density per square inch, while an HDI PCB has a higher component density per square inch. 

A standard board uses mechanical drilling, while an HDI PCB uses direct laser drilling. 

Standard printed circuit boards have heavier and larger boards, while HDI PCBs have lighter and smaller boards with augmented performance. 

As PCB factory china knows that, a standard PCB has many layers, while an HDI PCB has few layers.

When a standard PCB is paired with a low pitch package, it experiences compatibility issues, while an HDI board works perfectly with both low and high packages.



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