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What are the options for metal core PCBs

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Aluminum PCBs are ordered more often because the price of aluminium PCBs is much more economical; they are used for LED lighting, audio frequency apparatus, and electronic communication equipment. The base material consists of an aluminium core with a thin layer of insulation and a copper foil. Currently, metal core PCB is regarded as the solution to high power and tight tolerance applications.

Aluminium delivers a product with strength and endurance – it is a durable foundation material that can help prevent accidental fracture during production, handling, and everyday use. Aluminium is non-toxic and recyclable, making it environmentally friendly. Because of its ease of assembly, aluminium manufacturing is also helpful to energy conservation. Using this metal by printed circuit board manufacturers helps to keep our planet healthy.

Copper and brass PCB boards feature better performance than aluminium but are heavier and involve a tough machining process. Large PCB cross-sections for high current loads are possible thanks to the thick copper, which also aids heat dissipation. Using this PCB technology, it is also possible to mix precise pattern structures on the outside layers with large copper layers in the inside.

Household appliances, high-tech items, military, medical, and other electronic devices employ thick copper PCB. The use of thick copper PCB extends the service life of the main component of electronic equipment products-circuit boards while also assisting in reducing electronic equipment size.

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