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Advantages of high-frequency PCB

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Advantages of high-frequency PCB

1). High-frequency circuit boards with small dielectric constant will have small loss, and advanced induction heating technology can achieve the heating requirements of the target, with very high efficiency. Of course, while paying attention to efficiency, it also has the characteristics of environmental protection, which is very suitable for the development direction of today's society.
2). The transmission speed is inversely proportional to the square root of the dielectric constant, which means that the smaller the dielectric constant, the faster the transmission speed. This is the advantage of high-frequency PCB, it USES a special material, not only to ensure the dielectric constant is small, but also maintain the stability of operation, for signal transmission is very important.

3) is widely used in various industries for precision metal material heat treatment requirements of high frequency circuit board, in the field of the process, not only can realize the depth of different parts of heat, but also according to the characteristics of the local key heating, both the surface and deep, centralized or decentralized heating mode, can be easily accomplished.
4) dielectric constant and medium, there will be certain requirements on the environment, especially in the south, wet weather will seriously affect the use of circuit boards. High frequency PCB made of very low absorbent materials can challenge such an environment, but also have the advantages of resistance to chemical corrosion, resistance to moisture and high temperature, and great peeling strength, let the high frequency circuit board play a powerful performance.

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