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FPC supplier:What is FPC inspection

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In short, FPC supplier’s inspection is the act of mitigating errors or mistakes that may have emerged during the fabrication and assembly processes. This is done through a series of procedures that have largely become automated.

FPC inspection is required throughout multiple stages of the assembly process. After a printed circuit board has been fabricated, an inspection is done to seek out any shorts or defects that might be present before shipping. A second inspection occurs after FPC assembly components have been attached to the board.

The IPC has set guidelines for what constitutes an acceptable board. The IPC-A-610 inspection standard is used for assembly inspection, while the IPC-A-600 is used for bare board inspection.

Depending on the class of circuit board being produced, more stringent rules around testing must be followed. Class 3 printed circuit boards, the same used in commercial jets, space shuttles, and high temperature FPC environments, have no margin for error, and thus have the highest inspection frequency.

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