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Fast Tracks About High Frequency PCB and its Specifications

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Electronic gadgets with high recurrence are the creating propensity these days, particularly in remote system. Satellite correspondence developing quickly, data items move towards rapid and high recurrence. In this way growing new items dependably need to utilize high recurrence substrate, satellite framework, cell phone getting base station et cetera, these correspondence items must utilize high recurrence (Frequency) PCB. 

The Key elements of high frequency PCBs as following:

   1.DK ought to be little and sufficiently stable, ordinarily the littler the best, high DK may prompt flag transmission delay. 

  2.DF ought to be little, which for the most part influences nature of flag transmission, the littler DF could make littler flag wastage as needs be. 

  3.The warm expansivity ought to be the same with copper thwart however much as could reasonably be expected, in light of the fact that the distinction will prompt copper thwart isolated in the progressions of cool and warmth. 

  4.Water absorptivity will be low; high water absorptivity will influence DK and DF when it’s in wet condition.

  5.Warmth opposing property, science opposing, affect perseverance, peel off opposing must be great. 



As a rule, high recurrence can be characterized as recurrence over 1GHz. At present, a content called polyfluortetraethylene (PTFE) material is generally utilized as a part of high recurrence PCB producing, it's likewise called Teflon, whose recurrence is ordinarily over 5GHz. Likewise, FR4 or PPO substrate can be utilized to the item recurrence among 1GHz~10GHz. The said three high frequency substrates have beneath contrasts: 

As to cover cost of FR4, PPO and Teflon, FR4 is the least expensive one, while Teflon is the most costly one. As far as DK, DF, water retention and recurrence include, Teflon is at its best. At the point when item application require recurrence over 10GHz, just would we be able to pick Teflon PCB substrate to produce. Clearly, the execution of Teflon is much better than other ones, However, Teflon substrate has the solidness and warmth opposing property work, countless or fiber glass as the filling material. Then again, because of particle inactivity of PTFE material, which it is difficult to consolidate with copper thwart, accordingly, it needs to do unique surface treatment on the mix side. With respect to mix surface treatment, typically utilize synthetic drawing on PTFE surface or plasma scratching to in addition to surface unpleasantness or include one glue film amongst PTFE and copper thwart, yet these may have impact on dielectric execution.

A-TECH CIRCUITS create loads of high recurrence (frequency) PCB incorporate Rogers, Taconic, Arlon and so forth, for a few sorts of high recurrence substrates; we have adequate capacity to guarantee quick conveyance.


Presently a days, there are such a large number of market players in this field who gives broadest scopes of Quality on High frequency PCBs. Gives we a chance to have a discussion around one of a notable market player in particular Sun&Lynn which are having approx. 10 years of aptitude into this portion market and giving High Value Satisfaction to its Clients. Sun&Lynn is one of the pioneers of High frequency PCB maker in China, offering one-prevent PCB arrangement from configuration to assembling. Markets they serve incorporate media transmission and systems administration, mechanical, car, vitality, security, social insurance and so forth. We can get more information about this expert on

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