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Metal core PCB:Difficulties Behind the Development of Wearable Medical Equipment Market

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    Currently, there are more than 100 brands searching for wearable products such as wearable watches and bracelets on e-commerce platforms. The latest report released by IDC, a market research institution, shows that the global wearable device shipment volume reached 11.4 million units in the first quarter of this year, up 200% year on year, achieving an increase for the eighth consecutive quarter. However, currently wearable medical equipment basically stays in the health management of peripheral areas and faces many practical difficulties in order to break through to deeper medical diagnosis areas. On the one hand, it is limited by the technical bottleneck of wearable devices themselves; on the other hand, it is the problem of how to further cooperate with hospitals after technological breakthroughs.


    Now wearable devices are still far from accurate and clinical. For example, the exercise bracelet, the average person may feel that it is quite good to be able to check his physical condition at any time, but in the view of professional medical personnel, this kind of test is very general and not medical enough. Even if the health information collected by wearing medical equipment is accurate now, it is not easy to apply it to clinical practice. On the one hand, wearable equipment companies should cooperate with hospitals; on the other hand, they should persuade users of the equipment to cooperate with hospitals.

    Under the current medical system in our country, it is unrealistic to let hospitals use the information collected by wearable medical equipment. Mutual recognition of medical data is an important issue. First of all, medical treatment itself is a very professional field. Metal core PCB think,Advanced medical equipment in hospitals has incomparable advantages over wearable equipment. Moreover, if wearable medical equipment can achieve the same accuracy as the hospital's medical equipment in some aspects, it will compete with the hospital after replacement. At present, the results of examination done in one hospital may not be available in another hospital, especially the data collected from wearable medical equipment under non-medical conditions outside the hospital, which is more difficult for the hospital to accept.


    At present, most wearable medical devices are actually only health housekeepers, which is far from the concept of intelligent medical care. The author believes that wearable facilities have been in use for several years, but it may take some time before they become really popular. In the future, wearable medical devices may usher in a new outbreak point if medical data are exchanged and recognized.

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