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Flex rigid PCB:How should we choose intelligent speakers

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  Once upon a time, speakers were cold multimedia peripherals. They were just cooler in design and better in sound quality. Now, under the guidance of the concept of smart home, speakers gradually married artificial intelligence and played the role of "intelligent housekeeper" in the home. In addition to playing music, they can also assume the ability to chat, query information and control other intelligent devices. Under this environment, how to choose the most suitable intelligent speakers? Flex rigid PCB found that in the field of smart speakers, the bigger the brand, the cheaper the price of its products. For example, smart speakers with screens 1S are only 329 yuan, touch screen speakers 299 yuan, Tmall Elves 299 yuan, 360 smart speakers up to 1909 yuan, and smart speakers and jingdong jingdong jingdong speakers have an entry level of less than 100 yuan.

  It is hard to imagine that it usually costs at least 100 yuan to several hundred yuan to buy a fashionable home speaker. After these products are integrated with artificial intelligence technology, why are they cheap? In fact, many brands regard smart speakers as a strategic product, which is used to enrich big data and manage the hardware of its Internet of Things ecological chain. They are even more important than routers in the home. Although smart speakers may not make money on hardware at present, the value they create cannot be limited.

  It can be said that whoever wins the battle of smart speakers wins the future. First-line brands continue to lower the price of smart speakers, which is also the trigger for the gradual confusion in the low-end smart speaker market. In fact, the threshold for smart speakers is very low. Integrated circuit designers represented by Lianhua directly provide mature and cheap solutions. In order to reduce prices and save materials, some well-known brands may use second-hand recycling components for assembly. A smart speaker factory even reported an ex-factory price of 12.7 yuan!

  In addition to poor quality, many smart speakers also have serious security risks. For example, the built-in microphone can collect and upload ambient sound at any time. Our daily privacy is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, if you are interested in smart speakers, you must first weed out those unknown or fake brands and select them from first-line brands. In addition, since the stand of smart speakers is "smart", their appearance is mainly compact and fashionable, which may not be conducive to the optimization of structural sound field, that is to say, The same price of smart speakers and ordinary speakers, in terms of sound quality, the latter dominates. If you are a music lover with fever level, you can choose smart speakers with main tone quality or products with your own Line Out interface. When you play music on demand, you can output it to higher-end speakers through Line Out.

  Starting from brands, the main brands that directly participate in the competition for smart speakers include Alibaba, Baidu, jingdong, Huawei, etc. at the same time, they also include some manufacturers based on internet applications. when choosing smart speakers, we should give priority to choosing from the above brands as far as possible. the reason is very simple. most small brands and fake smart speakers only support the most basic functions such as playing music, encyclopedia question and answer, alarm clock reminding, etc. Its essence is to transplant the capability of mobile phone assistant APP to the speaker, not to mention any interaction capability, but only a pseudo-intelligent product with the name of "intelligence". The smart speakers with the "endorsement" of the Internet giant have stronger R&D and resource integration capabilities, pay more attention to the layout of future ecological construction, and can obtain the function of keeping pace with the times through continuous firmware upgrade, which is more guaranteed in terms of quality, privacy safety and interaction.

  In addition to music, the knowledge sharing, books listening and children's reading of the smart speaker are also authorized by resource providers such as Baidu Encyclopedia, Himalayas, lazy people's books listening, etc. Whether the smart speaker can accurately play your requested content depends on the power supply terminal of the authorized speaker. To sum up, if the smart speaker you buy is mainly used for music listening and on demand, you must select the products authorized by the relevant resource provider according to your favorite singer and content. Otherwise, you can only hear the reminder: "Try another song without the authorization of this song." Feature function that can increase the number of points. After ensuring sufficient audio resources, we need to pay attention to the function of intelligent speakers.

  Today's smart speakers are not "noble" echoes when Amazon's smart speakers were first listed, but they have entered our life with a more humane attitude. The time is ripe. However, most smart speakers that are not recognized by Internet giants are only speakers with voice assistants. The quality and safety of products under informal brands are difficult to guarantee. Therefore, how to choose and purchase, we must finally focus on first-line brands, and choose a product with the most comprehensive coverage of resources and compatible with existing electronic controls according to their preference for audio resources and brands of household smart appliances.

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