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Sun & Lynn Circuits: Flexible PCB manufacturer

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Sun & Lynn Circuits have been operating since 2002 as China's leading printed circuit board manufacturer, serving many different markets including telecommunication and networking, automotive, industrial and instrumental, security and healthcare. With two plants in Shenzhen and Ganzhou in China respectively, S&L provides total PCB solution for rigid PCB, flexible PCB and HDI PCB from design to manufacturing. S&L is now No.28 in the top 100 Flexible PCB manufacturer in the world. 

Green PCB manufacturer


From copper-based PCB, aluminum-based PCB, ceramic PCB to high-frequency PCB, S&L offers printed circuit boards for your diversified demand.


S&L are leaders in the market sectors that they are engaging in and continue to grow among China's top PCB manufacturing companies. S&L spends 5% of the sales revenue on research and development to develop cutting-edge technologies in PCB industry to improve technology capability and offer high-quality end to end services to the customers. We are now serving over 300 customers in 20 countries worldwide.


S&L strives to be environmentally friendly and keep the strict environmental protection policy. S&L has invested over $10million on the waste water recycling system which is national standard GB21900-2008 compliant. S&L have been rewarded with the 'Green PCB Manufacturer', 'Model PCB Manufacturer for Environmental Protection', 'Showroom Facility for Waste Water Recycling in Shenzhen City'. 


S&L grows with customers and takes customer's requirement as their commitment.


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