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Metal Core PCB Application

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Metal core PCBs are quite useful in some specific applications, which usually generates a ton of heat in its process.

As we mentioned earlier, metal core PCBs are ideal for dissipating heat that builds up during operation. That’s why most manufacturers make use of it to maintain the solid performance of their devices. They also come in handy if you run a lot of long operational processes.

So, the major applications of the metal core PCBs are:

1. Ideal for electronic communication equipment like electrical telegraphy, filter circuits, and frequency amplifiers.

2. It’s a perfect fit for audio equipment like balanced amplifiers, input & output amplifiers, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, audio amplifiers, and many others.

3. Power supply equipment like DC/AC converters, SW adjusters, switch regulators, and many others.

4. Used for Computers and Computing components like CPU motherboards and power supply devices.

5. Energy-saving lamps and lanterns, LED lamps.

6. Power devices like converters, solid relays, bridges, rectifiers, and many more.

7. Automation devices found in offices like motor drives.


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