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Understanding to Heavy Copper PCB

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Heavy copper PCB is a growing trend in power supply industry for power supply systems and power electronic devices. The main reason why these products are on high demand is, such printed circuit boards have a finished copper weight between over 4oz and 20oz. They are far better than the standard copper PCB units that have comparatively less weight, precisely between 1oz and3oz.


Today, most of the PCBs available in the market are meant for low power applications. However, the trend has shifted towards heavy copper PCB products because of the following benefits:


Current carrying capacity increases with the use of thicker copper.
· Endurance to thermal strains has also increased.
· The risk of circuit failure on high temperature is minimized. So, exotic materials can be used to their full potential. 
· In PTH holes and at connector sites, the mechanical strength has increased because of the use of thick copper PCB.
· Product size can be reduced since the same layer of circuitry can have multiple copper weights.
· With heavy copper circuit plating, the board fabricator can increase copper thickness. 
· Heavy copper PCB can be connected to standard copper circuits.


Sun& Lynn is the leading PCB manufacturer in China with nearly two decades spent in this industry. With two plants established in Ganzhou and Shenzhen, we have a total manufacturing capacity of 1,400,000 sq.ft/month. When it comes to heavy copper PCB, you can rely on us for unbreakable supplies throughout the year. Unlike our competitors, we have a lot of room for out new clients, because we offer 20% buffer capacity for new businesses. 


7 Reasons to Believe Why You Should Work With the best Heavy Copper PCB Manufacturer

  1. Right from the beginning, Sunn& Lynn PCB has maintained a good reputation in the market. We have been growing steadily and smoothly from the past 11 years. We are currently amongst the top 50 PCB manufacturers of the world.

  2. We don’t compromise on quality. We rely on top quality materials from world-renowned suppliers like TUC, Isola, SYL, Taiyo (Japan), Atotech, Asahi (Japan) and Dupont (US) etc. 

  3. S&L has 400 highly qualified engineers focused on innovative PCB technology. Every year, the company invest 5% of sales for development. This is the reason why we have 79 patents of PCB as a proof of 15 years of experience. Heavy copper PCB is a breakthrough and we’re capitalizing on it.

  4. At Sun&Lynn, we use precision instruments like DIONEXICS-900 Ion Chromatograph, AVI and AOI machines, Skyray Instrument etc. We have acquired ISO9000, ISO14000, UL and other quality certificates.

  5. Sun&Lynn offers 100% in-house treatment only to meet the demands of our customers from several different markets.

  6. We have been awarded “Green PCB manufacturer

  7. Sun&Lynn offers quick turnaround on orders and serve customers from around the world.


The demand for Heavy copper PCB has been increasing day by day, it’s high time you should start using it. With the experience of Sun&Lynn at your back, you'll have endless opportunities of success.


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