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Industry dynamic global electronic business the latest intelligence PCB manufacturers attention

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In the past week, what is the latest in a circuit board manufacturers are concerned about the global electronic giants? What is the future development of PCB industry leader? The following information may bring you the latest industry information.


Market research firm IDC said in a report Wednesday, HP (HP) has been the world's largest retailer retake server title in the second quarter, the reason is this quarter of IBM sales down 10%. The report shows, the second quarter of HP global server sales amounted to $3200000000, in the overall market share of 25.4%; IBM fell to second, share of 23.6%. Dell (DELL) second quarter global server sales ranked third, share of 16.6%; Oracle and Cisco tied for fourth, are about 6%.


IBM on Wednesday released a rapid identification of related patterns in the data to the computer system. IBM says it will speed up the implementation of the field of scientific and medical research breakthrough. IBM said in a statement, the computer system of the Watson Discovery Advisor can understand compound interaction and human language, and can be directly marked data correlation.


Apple Corp (Apple Inc.) issued an invitation to the outside world, 10 a.m. Pacific time on September 9th (Beijing time on September 10th at 1 in the morning), the Flint theatre in American TINO Kolb (Flint Center) held a conference. The conference will likely be the subject of iPhone 6 and iWatch intelligent watch. This invitation is grey apple LOGO background, may mean that the new product will be associated with the metals, widespread rumors accordingly before, a new generation of iPhone will use metal back material.


Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) on Thursday issued a smart watch, no intelligent mobile phone with everything in the side can make a phone call. Samsung smart watch called the Gear S, different from the previous generation, the watch with 2 inches (5 centimeters) surface display screen, also can use WiFi wireless internet access, pedestrian navigation, and built-in global positioning system (GPS). The device will run Samsung latest Tizen operating system.


LG published Thursday G Watch R intelligent electronic watches, with organic electroluminescent display plastic material (OLED) circular surface, stainless steel shell and a leather strap. LG electronics said, G Watch R will be listed on the main market in the fourth quarter of.


Google (Google Inc.) is about to rent a place under the North hangar Los Angeles International Airport as office. The hangar is the 1943 by Howard Hughes (Howard Hughes) construction. In 40, the hangar was used to build the world's biggest aircraft. Subsequently, this hangar was also used in filming "Independence Day" and "Transformers" and other films.


In 2014 the Internet Congress announced in 2014 the Chinese Internet hundred enterprises occupy the top 100 list, the top five Internet company based enterprise, income accounted for 100 of total income of 56% enterprises, 100 enterprises profits accounted for 69% of the total profit, but the flow accounted for 74%. Among the top ten enterprises are: 1, 2, 3 Tencent Alibaba Baidu, Jingdong, Sohu, 4. 6 Qihoo 360, 7, 8, 9 NetEase Xiaomi's Su Ningyun Sina, 10.

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