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PCB factory china tells you Bluetooth Circuit Board Design Guidelines

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Printed circuit boards in PCB factory china with Bluetooth technology can be problematic with interference, lost data and poor signal integrity if certain precautions aren't taken. We'll outline many rules and guidelines to consider when choosing Bluetooth technology for a given application and, more specifically, designing it into a circuit board.

A variety of applications utilize Bluetooth, including:

  • Beacons used in shopping malls
  • Eddystone frames for industrial sensing applications
  • Headsets and audio/stereo products
  • Remote peripheral devices such as video game controller or computer mice/keyboards
  • Home automation systems
  • Wireless consumer electronics applications including cameras, printers and phones

Each application incorporates the same common Bluetooth technology, but utilizes it differently and depending on the connection type, it’s up to the design engineer to incorporate basic principles to optimize signal integrity and overall device effectiveness.

Bluetooth is not a very fast wireless choice when compared to Wi-Fi, however it is getting faster. It also doesn’t do well through walls and other nearby obstructions and has a poor range.

It is still a good choice, despite being a work-in-progress (5.0 is the most recent update and is a decent improvement over 4.2). For the most part, it is a fairly low-power, reliable, secure, widely supported option that can easily be implemented on a wide range of small peripherals.

Bluetooth has been around for 20+ years and is still evolving and although it’s improved in speed, power, range, security and other attributes over the years, it still seems to have some of the same issues since its conception in the mid-90’s, including its susceptibility to signal interference.


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