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Flexible PCB manufacturer tells you How to Solder Flex Circuit Boards by Hand (DIY)?10-25 03:22
Suppose you are an electronic engineer, hardware engineer, or electronic hobbyist, and you want to solder electronic components on the flexible PCB by yourself.
PCB factory china tells you what is PCB Mircosection10-24 02:20
As PCB factory china knows that,PCB Mircosection is mainly used to check the internal wiring thickness, layers of the PCB, the size of the through-hole and the quality observation of the through-hole.
PCB supplier china:Why Do You Need a Custom Circuit Board10-22 02:38
As PCB supplier china knows, when beginners talk about making a simple circuit, they always talk about PCB breadboards.
PCB manufacturer China:Key factors to consider when undertaking RF and Microwave PCB manufacturing10-21 01:47
If you wish to venture into RF and Microwave PCB manufacturing, then here are a couple of tips that you should keep in mind:
Types of Automotive PCBs10-20 03:13
Printed circuit boards has many applications in countless sectors ranging from healthcare to electronics, but their impart is perhaps the most evident in the automotive industry.
The Definition of Multilayer PCB10-19 03:07
A PCB is called Multilayer PCB, if it has 3 or more layers(sheets) of copper foil, insulated from each other(by lamination or coating) and joined together to form a single piece.
What are the Features of flex rigid PCB?10-18 02:47
What are the Features of flex rigid PCB?
What are the advantages of rigid-flex PCB?10-17 02:11
Although the design and manufacturing cost of rigid-flex boards may be higher, they do have many advantages and can solve many problems compare to traditional rigid flex pcb technology.
Types of Single Layer PCB10-15 02:14
Types of Single Layer PCB
Sorting of Metal Core PCBs10-14 11:37
According to different location of metal core and trace layers of PCB, right now, we divide into five basic types:
What is a High-Frequency PCB10-13 03:05
High-frequency PCBs are developed from antennas, but the antennas are not the loops you see anymore - two antennas are embedded in the circuit board as etched copper structures.
FPC supplier tells you What are the Different Types of Flexible Circuits?10-12 01:54
As FPC supplier knows that, below are the different options of the flexible circuits.
FPC manufacturer tells you What are the Advanced Features of the Flexible Printed Circuit10-11 03:06
There has been a continuous expansion in the world’s flex circuit market. With this expansion, the advances in technology have also grown.
Flexible PCB supplier china:Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturing Process10-10 02:52
As flexible PCB supplier china knows that,the production or manufacturing process of Rigid-Flex PCBs is quite similar to rigid PCBs, except for a few things.
Flexible PCB manufacturer:What Are the Types of Rigid Flexible PCB10-08 01:52
As Flexible PCB manufacturer knows that, if it is classified according to the process, the way of joining the flexible pcb
PCB factory china tells you Multilayer PCB Disadvantages10-07 11:53
As PCB factory china knows that,the benefits of multilayer PCBs are numerous, making them applicable to a wide variety of advanced technologies.
PCB supplier china:What Is The Effect Of Solder Mask Thickness10-06 02:58
As PCB supplier china knows that, the copper would be exposed that resulting in SMT problems if the solder mask is too thin.
PCB manufacturer China:What’s Solder Mask in PCB manufacturing10-05 02:51
As PCB manufacturer China knows that, Solder Mask, Solder Resist is a thin protective layer with polymer coating which is applicable to the copper circuits of a bare printed circuit board
Why Choose Rigid-flexible PCB09-30 02:32
Rigid-flex PCBs are not cheap, why use rigid-flex boards? In pcb design, the cost is often not the key factor.
What are the Applications of Flexible PCB?09-29 02:10
The flex circuit board is just the same as the flex circuit board. The main difference is flexible PCB or flexible printed circuit board makes use of a form of flexible base material in making its circuit connections.
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