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Applications of Metal core PCBs05-29 02:07
MetalcorePCBs are not very common in consumer products, but they abound in industry, aerospace, lighting systems, power electronics, and other areas that require high reliability. High power systems can generate a lot of heat, and that heat needs to be removed quickly to prevent component failure. Similarly, low power systems might be exposed to high heat, and that heat also needs to be removed quickly to prevent damage to the board and components.
High frequency PCB:Beijing introduces palm-print access on subway line05-27 10:58
A subway line that links downtown Beijing with Da­xing International Airport in the Chinese capital now allows passengers to enter and exit stations by just scanning the palm of a hand, setting an example of how using biometric data in public transportation can make commuting more convenient.
FPC supplier:Meta slapped with C1.2 billion fine by EU over GDPR breaches05-26 10:02
FPCsupplier learned that,the umbrella company Meta which owns Facebook was fined €1.2 billion by the Irish Data Protection Authority (IE DPA).According to the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), it is the largest fine ever over GDPR breaches.
FPC manufacturer:Tencent’s WeChat Releases Palm Pay05-25 04:26
FPCmanufacturer learned that,on May 21st, according to WeChat’s blog, WeChat Palm Pay was officially released. Users can currently perform palm payment on face recognition devices. They need to bind their personal WeChat account to the device and record the palm print. When making a purchase, simply place the hand over the scanning area of the payment device to complete the payment.
Flexible PCB supplier china :Use Huawei Software? ! Volkswagen's response05-24 02:40
FlexiblePCBsupplierchina learned that ,Volkswagen has held talks to use Huawei software in its cars in China, hoping to boost flagging efforts to claim a bigger share of the world’s biggest electric-vehicle market.
Flexible PCB manufacturer:Why are Huawei, SMIC taking different approaches against US curbs?05-23 05:14
FlexiblePCBmanufacturer learned that China's tech giant Huawei and top semiconductor foundry SMIC apparently adopt different approaches against US chip curbs. The former has just announced its successful development of electronic design automation (EDA) tools for chips above 14nm process, while the latter has quietly removed 14nm process technology from its service list on its website. What messages are these two Chinese tech players sending through their recent actions? And what are their
PCB factory china :PCB manufacturer on Thai factory05-22 04:19
PCB supplier china:The development of the global electronics manufacturing industry05-20 04:51
with the continuous downturn of consumer electronics, many Southeast Asian countries have begun to introduce emerging industries such as automobiles, industries, and servers in order to stimulate their own economic development.
PCB manufacturer China talk what is the Advantage of OSP in PCB in Manufacturing?05-19 02:55
Automotive PCB introduces the applications of PCBs in the automotive industry05-18 04:53
Because there are so many different types of electronic systems in today's cars, the types of PCBs needed for automotive electronics vary greatly. The same car may require flex PCBs, rigid PCBs and rigid-flex PCBs for different technologies. As people demand more accessories and features for their cars that are powered by electronic components, the need for automotive PCBs of varying types is only growing.
Multi-layer PCB introductions and Benefits05-17 03:04
While PCBs for simple electronics with limited functions are usually composed of a single layer, more sophisticated electronics, like computer motherboards, consist of multiple layers. These are what are called multilayer PCBs. With the increasing complexity of modern electronics, these multilayer PCBs have become more widespread than ever before, while manufacturing techniques have enabled them to size down significantly.
What are the Differences Between Flex rigid PCB and Flexible PCB Assemblies?05-16 10:48
Concludingly, RigidflexPCBs and Flexible PCBs are both crucial in their own aspects and should be used according to the requirements of a particular manufacturing project. On one hand, where flexible PCBs offer flexibility and ease of accessibility to a manufacturer, Rigid-Flex PCBs offer the right amount of strength required in tenuous electrical operations while also providing the flexibility that a rigid PCB might not provide. Cost and performance considerations also play a significant role i
Rigid flex PCB -The Ultimate Guide to the Most Effective PCB.05-15 03:04
A Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Board combines various rigid and flexible technologies that tend to make up a very diverse and effective combination of the two.
What is a Health care PCB?05-13 04:33
Medical PCB fabrication is a very crucial process. This is because medical devices are very critical. Also, these devices are lifesaving; hence, the need for serious attention during manufacturing. For instance, the PCB for oxygen concentrators require high-performance features. Most medical devices are class 3 electronics. Therefore, there is a need for quality control in fabricating medical equipment PCBs.
What is Metal Core PCB?05-12 10:16
Metalcore PCB is abbreviated as MCPCB, it is constructed from a thermal shielding layer, metal plate, and also metal copper aluminum foil, which has unique magnetic conductivity, exceptional warmth dissipation, high mechanical toughness, and also excellent handling efficiency.
What’s The High Frequency PCB?05-11 10:24
High frequency PCBs are PCBs that are designed to operate at high frequencies, typically above 50 MHz. They are used in electronic devices that require fast and reliable data transfer, such as communication systems, data centers, and consumer electronics.
FPC Supplier In China05-10 12:00
If you want a quality flexible PCB, finding the correct FPC supplier becomes of the essence. It thus becomes prudent to understand the aspects discussed to pick the best-suited manufacturer for your flex PCB needs.
FPC Manufacturer Introduce To You What FPC Is And It`s Manufacturing Process05-10 06:22
FPC Manufacturer Introduce To You What FPC Is And It`s Manufacturing Process.
High frequency pcb materials04-10 10:15
When selecting a PCB substrate for high frequency circuits, pay special attention to the materials used. For many years, the standard circuit board material currently used in the market has been FR-4, a flame-retardant type 4 woven glass-reinforced epoxy laminate.
FPC supplier:Flexible PCB and Its Manufacturing Process Introduction04-08 10:35
The development and wide application of flexible PCB are due to its remarkable advantages. First of all, its agile structure, tiny volume, light weight, good quality, which are satisfied the requirement of contemporary electronic product.
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