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What are The Advantages of Metal Core PCB?

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What are The Advantages of Metal Core PCB?

1. Good heat dissipation

Metal core printed circuit board is a PCB with high thermal conductivity, and FR-4 PCBs have poor interlayer insulation. Metal core PCBs transfer heat eight to nine times faster than PCBs made of FR-4, they can avoid possible damage to the circuit or the components.

2. Better dimensional stability

With the change of environmental conditions, metal core PCB shows good dimensional stability. For example, when the aluminum substrate PCB is heated from 30°C to 150°C, the size of the PCB of the metal layer changes by 2.5-3%, which is very small.

3.  Higher durability

Aluminum or metal core pcb boards offer higher strength and durability than FR-4, a common material used in PCB manufacturing. Greatly reduces the risk of accidental breakage during PCB manufacturing, assembly, or final product use.

4. Better lightweight

PCBs with metal core are lighter, last longer, and conduct electricity better than traditional FR-4 PCBs

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