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Flexible PCB supplier china advise you PCB Trace Thickness

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PCB trace thickness is an essential parameter in PCB designs, and it is often determined by the Flexible PCB supplier china. It is specified in the designer’s Garber files to prevent damage or overheating. Usually, when the current flow increases, then copper traces heat up, causing a rise in temperature in the PCB. 

On the flip side, if the temperature exceeds the limit of the PCB, then it is damaged. Thus, during the design process, the patch should be thick enough to allow current passage without affecting the average PCB temperature. This is where trace thickness comes in!

The trace should be thick enough to protect against the high current because current flow causes copper traces to overheat. Flexible PCB supplier china tells you this can damage the PCB. As the task of calculating trace would be cumbersome, designers opt to use a trace width calculator to determine appropriate trace thickness.


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