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Design Specifications for Health care PCB Gold Fingers

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Like other electronic components, circuit board gold fingers also have their specific designs and specifications. This section will address the design specifications for circuit board gold fingers. If you are planning to make a complete Health Care PCB, these points will be helpful to you.

Ensure the internal Health Care PCB layers do not contain copper. Copper creates too much contact during beveling when it’s found in the inner layers. Extra connection during beveling is unnecessary; thus, avoid using copper substrates in the internal  Health Care  PCB layers.

Health Care PCB with plated-through holes (PTH) should be postulated carefully. Position the PTHs in a 1mm region of the gold fingers. In other words, ensure a 1mm distance between the gold fingers and the holes.

Do not associate the Health Care PCB outline with the gold fingers. Instead, space them 0.5mm away from each other. These spacing measurements are standard, and any adjustment might cause malfunctioning.

The Health Care PCB surfaces are full of solder masks and screen printings. However, you must ensure that these solder masks and screen prints contact the gold fingers.

While designing your board, ensure that the gold fingers are not facing the middle part of the board.


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