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PCB supplier china:How to Clean PCBs

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Printed circuit boards produced by PCB supplier china, especially those used in PDAs (personal digital assistants) like cell phones, get a lot of abuse. In addition to collecting dust and dirt that penetrates the cases of cell phones, e-book readers and similar hand-held devices PCBs have been known to suffer from immersion in and splashing from liquids in day to day use. As a result, a service industry has emerged to provide cleaning and repair services for PCBs subjected to contaminants but not physical breakage in PDAs and larger devices.

PCB supplier china teaches you when cleaning a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) to service a high-use product is as delicate a process as is making the board. Connections can be damaged, components loosened and materials compromised if the wrong cleaning method is employed. To avoid these pitfalls, you need to take the same care in selecting the right cleaning method as you did when designing, specifying and producing the board in the first place.

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