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Rigid flex PCB:Will the plug-in hybrid car be fed?

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       First of all, for the plug-in hybrid operation, will there be a power feed state? For this case, first of all, let's look at what is power feed. In fact, a simple understanding of power loss means that when the battery power is lower than the set value, this is power feed. According to the setting of some models, the power battery power is lower than 15% and the engine is forced to start charging the battery, so this is a power feed state.

       However, according to the fact that some plug-in electric vehicles are hybrid electric vehicles, for BYD's plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, its feed value is basically between 15% and 70%, which can be adjusted freely. However, for the time being, the feed value of plug-in electric vehicles is set at about 50%, so for the current almost hybrid electric vehicles, there is basically no power loss, because when the electric quantity drops to about 50%, the engine will work with the charger.

       According to the feed value of 15%, the battery will always be discharged during the charging process below 15%, but Rigid flex PCB found that when it is higher than 15%, there will be no power failure at this time, so the engine will take the generator to charge the battery. As long as the power quantity of the power battery is higher than this value, there will be no feed, because the engine will actively charge the battery.


       Then the power, the battery power is higher than 15%, and the motor will fully work when stepping on the accelerator. Take BYD's new Tang plug-in hybrid power for example. In order to avoid the occurrence of power feeding, BSG motor is added to the vehicle to provide charging efficiency at low speed. In fact, the motor driver in the hybrid power can already control the power, rotation speed and rotation speed of the motor in detail. Of course, for the texture of the vehicle when driving, it is basically hybrid power, and the power of the vehicle will not be lower than 15% to reach its feeding state during the design process.

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