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FPC manufacturer:The latest black technology can turn skin seconds into touch screens.

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  The FPC manufacturer learned from foreign media reports that researchers at the University of Sal in Germany recently developed a new electronic tattoo SkinMarks. Although this tattoo looks the same as ordinary tattoos, users can flexibly control electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers by sliding their fingers on its surface. The skin pasted with this tattoo is like a touch screen.

It is reported that SkinMarks is actually an ultra-thin circuit that can directly contact with the skin on the surface of human body. it uses conductive ink to print out the required wires and electrodes on temporary tattoo paper, and then transfers them to the skin through water. even after the electronic tattoo is finished, SkinMarks is much thinner than the diameter of human hair filaments, and it can be kept on the skin for several days due to the characteristics of light and thin fit.


In addition to being a touch screen, electronic tattoos can also be used as earphones, wireless transceivers, power supplies, power controllers and other roles. The circuit board factory found that some researchers had previously said that the effect of using electronic tattoos as lie detectors was also remarkable because it could effectively detect and shield environmental noise. Now, the German team has further expanded the use of electronic tattoos.

For this black technology, many people are obviously very surprised. With the continuous development of technology, more and more terminal forms and usage ways have gradually exceeded our traditional cognitive scope. For the endless new products and patterns, we should not only marvel at them, but also keep pace with the times in all aspects. The HDI factory found that some netizens joked about this and said, will they walk into a tattoo shop in the future and have the latest iPhone on their arms when they come out?

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