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PCB supplier S&L started to build her new plant in Ganzhou

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PCB supplier S&L started her new plant in Ganzhou for the next expansion in 2018. Aiming at the top PCB supplier in China, Sun&Lynn Circuits launched her new plant in Ganzhou city, Jiangxi province where is 650km away from Shenzhen. The upgraded automatic processing lines enables the monthly production capacity of the new plant reaches 3,000,000 Sqft by Oct of 2018.

When the new plant is in operation, S&L will be covering the high volume demand in diversified market sectors like consumer electronics, automotive electronics, LED lighting and this is in line with S&L Circuits' company vision - to be the most valuable PCB supplier. 


With the new plant in operation, S&L Circuits will operates 3 PCB manufacturing sites with huge production capacity and extensive product lines. Sun&Lynn Circuits will be one of the fewer PCB suppliers who provides one-stop total PCB solutions from high mix low volume (including custom PCB products like metal core PCB, ceramic PCB, heavy copper PCB) to HDI, FPC, R-FPC and high volume PCB. S&L is now on her rapid growth and development to be the top PCB supplier!


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