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Global electronic business information the latest intelligence PCB manufacturer focus on industry tr

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What is the latest news about the global electronic giants that PCB manufacturers eyes on? What is the future of PCB industry? The following news bring you the latest insider's information.
Market research consultant IDC released the latest weekly industry brief on Wednesday, HP (HP) has regained the world's largest seller of network server in the second quarte for the 10% drop of IBM in the same period. HP second quarter global server sales reach $3.2billion and counts 25.4% of the global market share. IBM market share sliped to 23.6%. Dell (DELL) ranks the third, counts 16.6% in the market and Oracle and Cisco come behind, count about 6% in the market.
IBM released her new product that can quickly identify patterns in large data system. IBM says it will speed up the  breakthroughs of scientific and medical research. IBM said in a statement, the computer system called Watson Discovery Advisor can read compound interaction and human language, and can directly show the data correlation.
Apple Corp (Apple Inc.) announced the new product release conference will be held in Flint Center in Cupertino, CA, USA, on September 9th. The conference is more like to release the brand new iPhone 6 and intelligent watch - iWatch. As a metal-gray Apple logo is on the invitation letter, people guess the new products will be relevant with metal and it's in line with the previuos prediction of  new generation of iPhone will use metal material as the back cover.
Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) issued a smart watch on Thursday, which enables phone call without a serving mobile phone. The new smart watch named as Gear S, different from the previous generation, the Gear S is covered with 2 inches (5 centimeters) curved display screen, also can connect to WiFi coverage and pedestrian navigation, and bed-in global positioning system (GPS). This device will be run by Tizen operating system.
LG also released her new intelligent Watch, G Watch R. The new G Watch R has a circular cover illuminated by the OLED, stainless steel case and leather strap. LG said, G Watch R will be launched in the major markets in the fourth quarter.
Google (Google Inc.) will rent a hangar at  the north of Los Angeles International Airport as her new office area. The hangar was built Howard Hughes in 1943 and was used to build the world's largest aircraft in 40's. The hangar was also used for the filming of  ""Independence Day"" and ""Transformers" .  

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