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PCB factory china:Advantages of Immersion Tin Surface Finish

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Using immersion tin as a PCB surface finish comes with a lot of advantages. Let PCB factory china tell you about it.


Immersion tin is lead free, which makes it an ideal option when manufacturing consumer electronics that demand RoHS compliance. Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly option. Also, the application of immersion tin on a PCB doesn’t require much chemicals.

Flat surface

Immersion tin gives a PCB a flat surface for manufacturers to work on.  It provides a fine surface when soldering BGA surface mount components. Also, immersion tin offers you with great solderable surface. It can also withstand multiple thermal cycles.


Immersion tin is a budget-friendly surface finish method. The process requires affordable materials. Also, it requires easy process steps. Immersion tin coating isn’t expensive. Also, it provides the best value, making it a cost-effective option for assemblers.

Allows re-works

It allows for re-works especially when there is an error during the soldering process. In addition, manufacturers can keep Immersion tin under storage for 6 months. Also, it is easy to rework immersion tin coating.

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